About me

I earned a B.A. in environmental geology from Middlebury College in 2022, completing a thesis on inventorying active rock glaciers in Utah, USA using satellite remote sensing tools. I have delved into the world of glaciology as a student on the Juneau Icefield Research Program (2022) and a Summer Student Fellow at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (2021). Currently, I am working as a research specialist on the calibration and validation of the NASA Surface Water and Ocean Topography satellite based at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (2022-2024). I plan to eventually pursue a Ph.D. linking glacial change to shifting water resources with climate change.

Research Projects

Surface Water and Ocean Topography satellite

Look at the Waimak! Woah!

Juneau Icefield Research Program

Some cool crevasses.

Rock glacier kinematics in the La Sal Mountains, UT

There's ice in there!

A big boat

Yes, I worked for WHOI.

Lichen colonization on rockfall

Is lichenometry a viable science?

Trout Lake!

Baby Camryn circa 2017.